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The Virtualfox Distribution Blog provides straight and gay furry content, information on the latest comics and pictures; as well as some information on general furry stuff. When the latest pages to developing comics are released it will be posted to the Virtualfox Twitter feed. Comic or picture collections will be posted here.

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Wednesday, July 23

The Night Before Christmas

In this 8 page straight comic by James M. Hardiman In this twisted retelling of the classic story a female skunk has sex with a couple of reindeer.

Monday, July 7

Motion of the Ocean

In this 20 page gay comic by Fluke A chance meeting between a passenger and a lifeguard aboard a cruise ship leads to a gay relationship.

Wednesday, July 2

Double Reward

In this 6 page gay comic by TaniDaReal When a man meets a woman for a date it turns in to an unexpected threesome.

Wednesday, June 25


In this 7 page gay comic by an Unknown artist Starting with a simple phone 1 male dog explains to another why a night of heavy drinking lead to sex

Monday, June 16


In this 7 page color gay comic by Freckles 2 male dogs get to get together on a Friday for sex