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The Virtualfox Distribution Blog provides straight and gay furry content, information on the latest comics and pictures; as well as some information on general furry stuff. When the latest pages to developing comics are released it will be posted to the Virtualfox Twitter feed. Comic or picture collections will be posted here.

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Thursday, August 28

After Work

In this 20 page gay theme comic by Sudonym A male lion and bull have gay sex.

Tuesday, August 19

My Room My Rules

In this 9 page Gay comic by Argon Vile 1 dinosaur asks another back to his college dorm for gay sex.


Monday, August 11


In this 9 page gay comic by an unknown artist A Rabbit and a squirrel engage in gay sex.

Thursday, August 7


In this 20 page gay comic by Sudonym  A wrestling match suddenly turns in to hot gay sex


Heavy Machinery

In this 8 page clean comic by Maquinaria Pesada A Fox literally dreams of his own airship. I admit this story is a bit unusual as it combines computer terms with steam punk.