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Friday, January 30

Build Tiger 7

In this 16 page manga, by an unknown artist. A tiger and Rhino face each other in the ring to wrestle which soon turns in to gay sex

Tuesday, January 20

Cinder Frost

A 21 page color comic by Demicoeur. It answers the question of what happens when a gay deer, meets a gay unicorn.


In this 12 page straight comic by Kjartan 3 friends have a reunion, which shortly turns in to a threesome.

Monday, January 12


In this 10 page color gay bondage comic by Inoly A male rabbit is bound tight as he gets his from a male horse, as a male dragon watches and waits his turn.

Tuesday, January 6

Autograph Night in Brazil

In this 17 page lesbian comic by Zig Zag and MAX_BR, 2 women trail down to Brazil where they meet their idol and soon it becomes a threesome.