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Monday, November 24

Something to Think About

In this 6 page straight comic by James Hardiman. It goes on about the ups and downs about being anthropomorphic/

Wednesday, November 19

Important Notice

If you been following Virtualfox you noticed I am the only one still updating this site. I may not have the keys to the site, but I Ahmar Wolf has basically taken over. To why this happened, all I know according to VF's Twitter page they pulled out as of Sept 2013. I would ask of you to follow my own Twitter page Dr_Timefox as well as my own furry blog Yiffy Times, where I post full furry comics including some furry manga. as well as furry images, furry videos, in fact anything any furry would find interesting. But you might be wondering what is going to happen here at VF. I will continue to post furry comics more or less once a week as long as I can. It is my work with my own Yiffy Times blog that drawn me to VF in the 1st place, and it was a few comics being taken down. I learned what quality really is, and will continue to post quality comics. Even I would hate to see this site taken down. Any comments or questions please feel free to leave me a tweet or email me  I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Hide and Seek

In this 7 page gay comic by an unknown artist. 2 men play sex games in a men's room

Monday, November 10

Build Tiger 6

In this 16 page gay comic by an unknown artist. A tiger goes after a pig he thinks is a villain, but a misunderstanding soon turns in to gay sex,

Thursday, November 6

Anthropomorphic Escorts Inc

In this 11 page straight comic by Noel Tominack and Brian O' Connell A young man looks for work and finds it at an Escort agency dealing in sex.